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Reclaiming Vehicle

1 (800) 655-4790

Most vehicles that have been towed require a release from the impounding agency.  Please call ahead to see if your vehicle requires a release. If the vehicle does not require a release, the registered or legal owner may claim the vehicle after providing proper identification and paying all fees.

Please Call Us before coming down to the Property

We recognize that having your vehicle towed is a significant inconvenience and material expense to many.  We hope that you will appreciate that your vehicle was towed at the request of a property owner and we are serving them by ensuring that the rules that they set for their property are followed.


Please remember that our customer service agent is not the one who parked your vehicle, nor are they the property owner or the driver who towed it.  Please treat them kindly and with respect. 


We will do the same and together we can make this process as pleasant as possible for all parties.

A couple of things to note to make the process as easy as possible:

The following documents are required for every vehicle and/or property release:

1.) Vehicle Documentation

- Current Vehicle Registration

- Rental Agreement for Rental Vehicle

- Legal documents identifying the Vehicle Owner and/or Responsible Agent or Driver

(If you are not the vehicle owner please complete the “Authorization Release”)

2.) Current Physical Government Photo I.D.

- (Drivers License or Photo I.D.)

3.) Keys to the vehicle 

Payment Policy:

- Credit/Debit Card, Cash, Visa,

MasterCard, American Express, & Discover

- The cardholder (physical card) must be present with a photo ID, we do not accept payments over the phone.

We do Not accept checks!

After-hours, Weekends and Holidays releases Available by appointment 

(Expect a Wait Time)

523 San Leandro Blvd

San Leandro, Ca 94577

Office: (800)655-4790

Business Hours:




Mon-FRI 12PM-1PM

Weekends and Holidays

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