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How it Works?

Welcome to AAS Private Property Towing Services – your solution to maintaining an accessible parking lot for your esteemed customers.  With our ample staffing and swift response time, we're your go-to team for tackling illegal parking issues on your premises.

Is there a vehicle marring your property's aesthetics and hogging precious space? Say no more – we specialize in removing abandoned vehicles from private properties at no cost to you, ensuring proper disposal.  


Contact AAS today to establish an account or learn more about our abandoned vehicle removal services. Join our roster of countless satisfied clients and reclaim your property's integrity now!


Are AAS Private Property towing signs posted at your location?

Warning signs must be posted and visible for AAS to legally tow any vehicle from private property. 


(The only exception is if the tow is to occur at a single-family residence, all vehicle wheels are on private property and the request comes from the property owner.)


If the property is not signed, please complete our sign request form or call our office at 1(800) 655-4790 to request signposting for your property.

Are you an authorized agent for the property?

All private property tows must be requested by an authorized property agent which most often is the property owner, property manager, or security representative.  Unfortunately, we can not accept tow requests from tenants or guests unless the request is accompanied by a Letter of Authorization signed by the authorized property agent.

Has the vehicle been parked on private property for more than 60 minutes?


All vehicles must be parked for more than 60 minutes before a private property tow can occur.


Is the vehicle completely on private property?

AAS is unable to remove vehicles under private property towing statutes unless the vehicle is only on private property. Vehicles that are blocking driveways or are parked partially on the street must be removed with the consent of law enforcement.  Please contact the Department Of Transportation’s dispatch Non-Emergency Line to assist in getting a Department Of Transportation officer to your location.

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