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20 + Years of combined experience in the Automotive Towing, Transport, Impound, and Parking Enforcement Industries.

Parking Lot


Functionality You Will Love

AAS Advanced Auto Services was founded on the idea that Homes, Businesses and private property managers shouldn’t have to carry the burden of being parking enforcers. Having sufficient, timely parking spaces for your customers, residents, tenants, and visitors is critical to running a successful business.

We offer professional Towing, Booting (Immobilization), and Private Property Tow Away Services 100% cost FREE to the business owner, Home Owner, and property managers.


  • 20 + Years of combined experience in the Automotive Towing, Transport, Impound, and Parking Enforcement Industries.

  • Professionally trained and uniformed parking enforcers work 24/7 to make sure your parking spaces are ready and available for your customers, tenants, and visitors.

  • State-of-the-art vehicles equipped with Paperless Digital Dispatching and up-to-the-minute GPS Surveillance Tracking.

  • Fully licensed and Insured by the City of Alameda County for Towing, Vehicle Immobilization (“Booting”), and Private Property Tow Away including a secure impound yard centrally located in the heart of San Leandro and Oakland.

  • 24/7 live operator hotline to answer any questions day or night, rain or shine.

  • Continuous Ethnics and Statute Training to ensure processes are enforced, followed, and executed according to all State, City, and County Laws.

Claim Your Vehicle

Vehicle Release Information

The AAS team is dedicated to assisting you in the expedited return of your vehicle. As they provide towing and storage services for many Property Management groups that have unique vehicle release requirements, they strongly encourage you to follow property guidelines and call the appropriate police department BEFORE coming to the AAS facility to recover your vehicle.


Please review your paperwork to identify the authority that directed your vehicle to be towed and contact them via the information below.

My vehicle has been towed. How can I claim my vehicle?

Most vehicles that have been towed require a release from the impounding agency. Please call ahead to see if your vehicle requires a release. If the vehicle does not require a release, the registered or legal owner may claim the vehicle after providing proper identification and paying all fees.

Call AAS to begin the process of obtaining your vehicle release. 1-800-655-4790

Tow Truck
Customer Paying at a Gas Station

Types of Payment Acccepted

Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress (We Do Not Carry Cash on Site) 

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